The Land Rover Discovery is a very capable off road vehicle straight from the factory, with hints of British charm.  Land Rover wanted to create an SUV with the high-end drivetrain of the Range Rover line that was also affordable to a wider range of customers.  While it was first manufactured in 1989 for the British market, it was not introduced to the United States until 1994 as the Series I.   The first Discos came with a 3.9L V8 which was the same engine as the Range Rover SE models.  All came with a locking center differential.  The 1996-1998 models came with an upgraded 4.0L engine that included many upgraded components.

In 1999 the United States received the Series II, with over 720 changes.  Notable differences included exterior and interior changes for more comfort.  The body was lengthened for greater cargo carrying capability.  The Series II’s off-road prowess was even further improved with an optional hydraulic suspension system, Hill Descent Control, self-leveling suspension, traction control and electronic brake distribution.

All Discos have off road capability that is rarely found in production vehicles.  In fact, the Discovery has attained the label of having “legendary” off road capabilities.  Many people spend thousands on aftermarket parts to attain the drivetrain and advanced suspension in their trucks/SUVs that the Disco already has stock from the factory.

One of the first things you notice when you climb into a Disco is how high you sit.  The seat height in the front and rear seats provides a superior view while tackling hills.  You will also notice the many buttons and levers dedicated to the 4WD system.  The leather is high quality and the head room is cavernous.  There are many creature comforts available including Power/heated seats, climate control, wood trim and many moon roofs.  Land Rover Discos have a special place in our hearts here at West Coast Auto Enthusiasts.  They are definitely an enthusiast’s SUV.

~ by WestCoastAutoEnthusiasts on September 20, 2012.

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