The L6


The BMW L6 only graced the United States for a single year, 1987.  The L6 was a luxury version of the 635 CSi.  1987 was a banner year for the E24 “Shark” as BMW also introduced the M6 version of the 635 CSi.  Unlike the thoroughbred M6, the L6 was built for quiet highway cruising. 

The L stands for luxury, but one look at the interior and you would think it stands for leather.  Leather dash, headliner, door panels and of course, leather seats.  BMW adorned this $50,000 car with their finest leather and high quality stitching.  One standout luxury feature is the rear seat A/C with beverage cooler cabinet.  One look under the carpet and you will find soundproofing material to quite the outside world.  The only transmission available was an automatic bolted to the 3.5L inline six.  All this luxury did come at a price, and an extra 800 pounds of weight. 

In classic BMW style, the production of L6 was limited, to a single model year.  BMW did continue to make the 635 CSi and the M6 till 1989.  The L6 is a unique alternative to the 635 and cheaper than the highly collectible M6.  We are thrilled to have this rare car in our showroom. 

~ by WestCoastAutoEnthusiasts on October 8, 2012.

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