AC Cobra Kit cars by Factory Five Racing

Cobra for Blog

1965 AC Cobra MK-II Replica – AC Cars started making automobiles 60 years prior to the fateful letter from Carol Shelby that started the legendary Cobra saga.  With only 1,003 Cobras ever made, demand for the super muscle car had far exceeded the supply.  Naturally, the Shelby Cobra was prime for the replica “kit” car market.  Factory Five Racing was started in 1995 with the mission of making the highest quality kit cars at an affordable price, and now they are the largest kit car manufacturer in the world.  AC Cobra replicas are Factory Five’s specialty, and they make an outstanding kit.  Many builders choose to start from scratch with all new engine/transmission and other parts instead of using used parts off a “donor” car.  This allows the builder to obtain the performance they want without being constrained by the factory limits of the donor car.  Factory Five currently offers six different kits including the gorgeous Type 65 Shelby Coupe.  With over 9,000 kits sold to date, Factory Five has a wealth of experience and they are a trusted replica car manufacturer.  For more details on the Shelby Cobra that is at our showroom, please visit our website at

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